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August 14, 2008
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                        100 ways to annoy the Death Note characters

1. Call him a pervert for putting cameras in every room of Light's house.
2. Repeatedly ask him if L is his real name, whether he answers or not.
3. Arrive at is door asking for Hideki Ryuga's signature (the idol's, not L's)
4. Tell him that he must've been really desperate to get Light since he handcuffed Light to himself.
5. Ask him if he was disapointed when he saw Light reading hentai magazines.
6. Ask him if he watched Light masturbate.
7. ask him if he LIKED watching Light masturbate
8. Steal his cake then eat it right infront of him.
9. Call him 'panda puff' repeatedly.
10. Ask him where he gets his eyeliner from.
11. If he asks you for a pie, give him a pizza.
12. Call him a "duckbutt head".
13. Say he looks like Sasuke, even if he doesn't get it.
14. Tell him his feet stink.
15. Say that you're Kira, then make it obvious that you are not.
16. Every time he says a percent say "YOU'RE WRONG!"  then say it's one percent lower than what he came up with.
17. Nock down his sugar cube tower when he's not looking, then blame it on Light. (works to annoy Light to)
18. Ask him how he died.
19. Ask him if he's a vampire.
20. In a fangirlish voice, say how kawaii him and Light are together. (even if you don't really like them together. XD)

21. Call him Lighto
22. Tell him that Kira is a girls name, then laugh about it. (this also works with Mikami)
23. Repeatedly ask him if he liked it when he was handcuffed to L, and if he doesn't answer say "I knew you were gay for him all along"
24. make fun of him for not being brave enough to get the shinigami eyes.
25. Tell him that L watched his 'happy time'
26. Make fun of his Kira laugh.
27. When he's writing down names tell him to write normally.
28. Use his Death Note to write Love letters to both L and Misa.
29. Drug him, then chain him to L's bed. Completely naked
30. Doodle pictures of L raping him in his note.
31. Write "I ♥ L" all over his Death Note
32. Show the Note to L after you've done all of this.
33. Tell Ryuk that Light asked you to babysit him, then just sit back and watch the show.
34. Make fun of him for looking like a kid when he gave up the Note.
35. When he does his Kira face, tell him to get plastic surgery.
36. Innocently ask him what he did while he was with L. If he doesn't answer, call him a perverted gay
37. Eat a bag of chips, and crunch each one of them right in his ear.
38. Steal L's cake, then put it on Light's plate. (also works to annoy L)
39. Everytime L gets up, yell "LIGHT WAS STARING AT RYUUZAKI'S BUTT!" (also annoys L)
40. switch his Death Note with Misa's.
41. Send a letter to Mikami saying "You suck" but address it from Light
42. Call him Light Imagay.

43. Kiss Light right infront of her.
44. Show her the love letters "Light" wrote to L.
45. Show her pictures of drugged Light when he was in L's house
46. Tell her she looks like Britney Spears.
47. Steal the phone she gave Light, then call her saying that your his girlfriend (or if ur a boy, boyfriend. XD)
48. Steal her note, then write "I ♥ L" all over it, and show it to L and Light. (if Light gets mad, then that's a bonus. XD)
49. write Light Imagay in her Death Note.
50. Tell her the painful truth that Light is gay.
51. Show her the episode of Light's death over and over and over...
52. Show her the episode of Rem's death over and over again, even if she doesn't know who it is.
53. Kill her.
54. call her a dumb blonde. (she really isn't tho, think about how she was able to find Kira and plan everything out so well)
55. Call her goldy locks

56. steal his chocolate hide all of his chocolate, then replace it with spinach
57. Give him a fake diabetes test, and tell him he's positive.
58. Make him go to the dentist.
59. Put purple hair dye in his shampoo
60. Say that Near is sexy infront of him
61. Lock him in a small room with Near.
62. Switch all of his chocolate with Nears toys, then replace his toys with Mello's chocolate.
63. Show him the episode of Spongebob wherer they decide to sell chocolate, them tell him that the crazy guy who bought all the chocolate was inspired by him.
64. Put pink dye in his washing machine.
65. Make start crying about matt, then call him gay
66. Point at his burn then tell him to get plastic surgery.
67. Repeatedly ask him how he got that burn.
68. Ask him how in the hell he came up with the nickname Mello
70. If he doesn't get it, tell him he's a spaz.
69. Ask him exactly how close he was to Matt
71. Ask him what gender he is, and when (IF) he answers male, go into shock.
72. Replace all of the clothes in his closet with frilly dresses, then tell Near that he's a transvestite.

73. Tell him that god died.
74. rotate everything in his house exactly one inch.
75. Ask him where his shinigami went repeatedly.
76. Call him Mika-chan all the time.
77. Everytime he says delete, make a farting sound with your mouth.
78. Tell him that you're Kira
79. Tell him that suits are soo last year.
80. Tell him to see a phsyciatrist.
81. Break one of his pens, so that he gets ink all over his hands.

82. Switch one of his puzzle peices with one from another puzzle, then sit back and watch the show.
83. Put oil all over all of his toys.
84. Hide all of his toys, then tell him he's grounded.
85. Tell him that he must be old since his hair is white.
86. yell "MUTINY" every time he says the word Kira
87. Write KIRA on his doll replica
89. Repeatedly call him L, then say "oops, I'm sorry L."
90. Ask him if he is related to Beyond Birthday repeatedly.
91. Put strawberry jam allover his toys, then blame it on B.B.
92. Call him ghost boy over and over again.
93. repeatedly do all of these things to him, since he's TOO patient

94. Tell him that his son is Kira.
95. Show him the episode where he died over and over again.
96. Repeat his last words in a little girls voice, then faint.

97. Call him "Afro Samurai"
98. Say that you lost your cell phone in his hair.
99. Ask him how it was with Eiri Yuki

100. Make him feel guilty for killing Light.
lol. 100 ways to annoy the characters of Death Note.
I may make a sequel if someone gives me some ideas. XD


I'm currently working on the sequel :D
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